Optic Clear Solutions (OCS)

Optic Clear Solutions is excited to introduce KleArmor, high-tech, ruggedized product with unlimited solutions to the world’s most demanding environmental applications.

OCS name is stem from optical sight.  Our logo is comprising of 7 bars that are representing seven wavelengths.  Our material has achieved to retain all colors to human eyes.

We designed ruggedized material revolutionizing – placards, signs, case covers, faceplate covers, optical filters, shields and ballistic protectors, to exist in environments that are not possible in today market.  Our product has virtually limitless applications.

Our revolutionary material is unique from present-day acrylic polymer.  KleArmor was developed to give the polymer chemistry a molecular cross link (patented).  KleArmor is a high-tech, state-of-the-art material performing in areas including optical, mechanical strength, durability and pliability.

KleArmor features:

  • Thinner, stronger and lighter product

  • Aerospace Compliant per MIL-P-5425

  • Solvent, Abrasion, Graffiti, UV, Impact and Ballistic Certified

  • Haze @3% maximum

  • UV Printing compatible – No need to have adhesion promoter

KleArmor exceeds the clarity of standard glass, 50% lighter than glass for the same form factor and 5 times stronger.  KleArmor requires no special tools for modification (drill or cut) during fabrication process.

Example of Applications

  • Shield

    • Sound Barrier

    • Ballistic Barrier

    • Solvent Resistant

    • Graffiti Repelling

    • UV Protector

  • Visual

    • UV Printing capability - No need to have adhesion promoter

    • Sign/Decal/Placard - static (non-lid) to non-static (backlight)

    • Light Plate

    • KIOSK

  • Lens

    • Locomotive light

    • Automotive light

    • Vessel light

  • Optical Filters

    • NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System)

    • Aviation Optic Colors

    • Anti-Glare

    • Laser light blocking/filter

    • Infrared – Camera

KleArmor material has the ability to withstand most rigorous environments while promoting safety and security for the enhancement and betterment of society.  Please refer to our brochure and website for additional information.